By now you likely know that former Empire star Jussie Smollett’s case is back n the headlines after a judge signed an order allowing the Special Prosecution to comb through Jussie’s Google data over the past year.

The data includes emails (sent, received, deleted, drafted), anything on the cloud, text messages, mages, location data…you name it, they have access to it.

That’s bad enough, right?]

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I mean let’s face it, Smollett doesn’t seem like the brightest criminal mastermind, so the chances of them finding something are likely pretty good.

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I’d imagine that fact alone is keeping Jussie up at night.

But it gets worse.

So, it turns out that the actual search warrant was not issued in January when we reported on it.


It was issued way back at the beginning of December – and here’s the kicker, it was a “secret.” Not even Jussie knew about it. He didn’t find out until last week when the rest of us did that prosecutors have been combing through his stuff.

Apparently, the judge was worried that if Smollett knew, he could somehow “interfere” with the criminal investigation.


The search warrant was granted way back on December 6, and since the judge ordered Google and its “representatives, agents and employees” not to disclose his order to turn over the records because it might “jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation,” Smollett presumably had no idea his records were even being seized until the Tribune report ran on January 8.

So lots of things Smollett said privately before and after the most notorious fake attack by nonexistent evildoers since The War of the Worlds radio show are about to become public. Smollett’s career appears to be on pause. His income must be minimal after Fox fired him from Empire. His legal bills are piling up. Oh, and Dave Chappelle openly mocked him and rechristened him “Juicy Smollée.” Will the humiliation never end?

Smollett is not the only one on the hook. Foxx, Smollett’s apparent ally who let him skate, seems to be feeling the heat and has retained outside legal counsel. Foxx hired a lawyer to represent her personal interests and also brought in a former chief judge to respond to Webb’s inquiries about the state’s attorney’s office. This latter problem is costing taxpayers a significant amount: the lawyer is being paid (at a rate of $250 to $375 an hour) with public funds. Foxx is running for reelection but faces three Democratic opponents in a March primary.

Seems like it won’t be long before Special Prosecutor Webb uncovers what really happened with the case. The good news for Smollett, who in November of 2018 posed on Instagram in a shirt emblazoned with the word TRUTH in gigantic letters, is that he will at last be freed from his lies. After being forced to confess, he can get to work on rebuilding. Let the fake-apology tour begin! [National Review]

Smollett really screwed himself big time with how he handled this mess.

What he should have done was admitted to the hate crime and took his lumps. He could have blamed it on “drugs” or “Trump Derangement Syndrome” went into therapy and been out by now, engaging in self-deprecating jabs with Stephen Colbert and repairing his image.

Instead, he tripled down on his goofy story and tried to use his influence and powerful friends to weasel out of it.

Now, he’s in a world of trouble and his name will always be “Mud.”

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