First off, Juan Williams is an idiot. I don’t know why Fox News has him on the show, except to piss people off and get more PR when we write about his stupidity.

With that said, there are times that Juan’s buffoonery is so outrageous you can’t help but report on it.

This is one of those times.

“The Five” co-host is now slamming President Trump for speaking at the “March for Life” event, saying that it “divides” the country.

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Yes, Juan because Liberals are so open to being “united” by President Trump. What is this guy smoking?

Give me a break.

Trump could cure cancer and these lunatic liberals would side with the disease and demand it be brought back.

Williams pointed to polling which he claimed shows 60 percent of Americans believe abortion “should be legal in all or most cases,” as he noted that he finds it “incredible” that the media provides “equal coverage” to the pro-choice and pro-life marches.

He also pointed to a new Gallup poll which showed that dissatisfaction with current U.S. abortion laws is at a new high.

“Fifty-eight percent of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the nation’s policies on abortion, marking a seven-percentage-point increase from one year ago and a new high in Gallup’s trend. On the flip side, 32% are now satisfied, a new low,” the report indicated.

“They say they’re not happy right now with abortion laws in the country. That’s where the energy and the passion’s coming from,” Williams told his co-hosts before going on to condemn Trump for disregarding that divide.

“But to me, when I see the president do this, you know, as someone who’s been around awhile, I saw Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan didn’t do this. George W. Bush, his dad [George H.W. Bush], none of them did it,” Williams said. “Why does Donald Trump think that this is good? It divides the country.” [Bizpacreview]

It’s amazing to see President Trump take a stand for unborn children and speak at this amazing event.

And shame on past Republican presidents who didn’t stand up and embrace the pro-life movement.

This isn’t about politics or polls. It’s about saving the lives of unborn babies.


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