Why is this man allowed to treat women this way?

Like we’re his own personal “playthings” to kiss, nuzzle, sniff and grope as he pleases.

I’ll tell you why…because Joe Biden is an elitist and you and me and everyone else are peasants…and peasants don’t complain when the elites show them attention. They should bow and give thanks.

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That’s the type of mindset someone like Joe Biden has. He’s a person who has used his power and money his entire life to buy and take whatever he wants.

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And I don’t care if this girl was “thrilled’ that Biden crept up and planted a disgusting slow and weird kiss on her.

The point is that he THINKS he can do this to anyone and no matter how many women ask him to stop he just keeps going and going – as if he can’t stop himself. Like he has a sick and twisted problem or something.

You can watch the video(s) below:

Ths man clearly has a problem. He has a problem with boundaries. He has a problem with what’s appropriate – and al of this s amplified now because of his obvious senility issues.

I don’t know f this man thinks he’s “God’s gift to women,” or what – but he needs to back off everyone. There’s no need to be giving out kisses to any women at all.

Focus on policy, not PDA. Disgusting creep.

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