I’m not kidding when I say I watched this video like 15 times and laughed so hard every time. I even went to each person in my house and made them watch it…It’s THAT FUNNY.

Let me set up what happened so when you watch it you’ll enjoy it even more.

Last night around 10:40 p.m. the Q&A portion of the impeachment sham came to a close with the final question.

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Schiff, who was always in this for the “personal glory” and PR wanted to take that final “historic” question – but there was a problem – his cohort Nadler was already walking up to the podium.

Schiff was desperately trying to stop him from making it to the podium.

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So much so, that Schiff actually gets out of his chair to try and stop Nadler and you can hear him saying, “Jerry, Jerry…JERRY!” but Nadler doesn’t hear him (or does hear him and doesn’t care) and just keeps waddling to the podium.

Take a look at that video below:

Now, that’s funny enough, right?

People were laughing and mocking it…as a matter of fact..even #TeamTrump had a laugh as it was happening live on the Senate floor. They’re literally laughing as this bumbling moment unfolds.

However, as funny as the actual video is, leave it to the Trump campaign to make it even funnier.

They took the video of the two stooges and they slowed it down and added the “Chariots of Fire” music to it…Oh my gosh, it’s pure GOLD!

I’ll tell you when I saw this video, I laughed so hard…I hope you do too because it’s a great one!

Watch it below:

“Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff… Two impeachment fanatics chasing dreams of glory…”

This was the laugh we all needed as this unconstitutional Schiff show looks like it’s finally coming to an end.

Reports say President Trump could be acquitted as soon as this evening.


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