If Hunter Biden and his father, a 2020 Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, get called as witnesses, the truth will come out if there was a justification for the President to make inquires.

If everything was above board, then yes, the Trump may be wrong. Biden made public statements, caught on videotape, that raised red flags, and I think to be fair, we should see how he explains his actions.

A funny thing happened toward the end of the week during the Trump impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate. Dems tried to get ahead of Pres. Trump’s legal team and explain Hunter’s “non-involvement” and how he has nothing to do with Pres. Trump’s call to the Ukraine president. Democrats addressed the Bidens in this trial which should allow Republicans to call both men at will to clear up the matter.

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The Dems keep saying this has been looked into, yet nobody has answered basic questions like “Why was Hunter Biden offered a job with Burisma? What were his qualifications? What were his duties there to warrant that huge salary? Just answer those satisfactory and we can move on.

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I wonder how the Democrats are going to explain away the early Jan. 2016 meeting in Vice President Biden’s White House office that was attended by 9 Ukrainian officials and prosecutors. There are also starting to turn up State Dept. emails indicating that they sensed a problem coming well before then. The Bidens are a long way from off the hook.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: “I know a lot about the Trump family and their dealings in Russia. I don’t know anything about the Biden connection to the Ukraine, so when the managers tell me that this has been looked at and debunked — by who?”

Can any liberal answer this question honestly?

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Biden said he would refuse to testify for constitutional reasons if called by the Senate. So I assume he means he would use executive privilege to avoid testifying which is what the Dems are saying Trump is not entitled to use. Rather he is being impeached for obstruction of Congress. So, Biden is a hero and Trump is the anti-Christ for the same action.

If Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are innocent, they should have no problems answering questions under oath with penalties for perjury. You watch, chances are good, he pleads the 5th and refuses to answer any question.

Author Peter Schweizer has a new book “Profiles in Corruption” detailing how family members of political figures are used to get lucrative deals.

Along with Hunter Biden, Joe had four additional members of his family who changed careers during his Vice Presidency and were hired by companies with big salaries to secure government contracts. His brother Frank was hired by a construction company having no construction experience, and after his hire, the company secured a 1.5 billion dollar government contract to build homes in Iraq. I think investigating Hunter’s role in Ukraine is totally justified.

How proper is it for a Vice President to meddle in the affairs of another country’s leadership or government? The way I understand it, Trump was attempting to investigate a US citizen, but Biden demanded the removal of someone in power of another country. But, I guess it’s okay since it’s “Uncle Joe?”

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