So the Government Accountability Office which is also a legislative branch government agency that provides auditing claims the White House (Trump) withheld the foreign aid that Congress authorized and that was against federal law? But didn’t provide which law it was.

There was a potential for fraud and abuse from a corrupt government. Trump questioned this and ally funding support. The funds were provided in the applicable fiscal year. How is the law broken? Not everything is black and white.

So what about the prior administrations that did the same thing because the aid wasn’t being used for what it was intended for, or wasn’t released until the country the aid was intended for came into compliance as per the agreement?

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This has happened in the past many times by previous presidents and is actually a common occurrence.

Too bad the impeachment articles have nothing to do with what’s on the GAO report, let alone anything uncovered in their own hearings. The House can feel free to have hearings on the GAO findings, then again, GAO works for the House. I imagine the Senate will like they did with the IG report. It’ll be interesting what details are uncovered. For now, what we do know is: The Congress appropriates money, the President spends it, and Ukraine received their aid, regardless.

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Presidents before have delayed or suspended various kinds of international aid hundreds of times, for different reasons, but none were named Trump.
That apparently makes all the difference.

Let’s see, Schiff has lied repeatedly about having evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russian, that he is guilty of treason and maybe the first president to go to jail. All of that was a lie. He read into the Congressional record a doctored version of the transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukranian president — he should have been censured for this and lost his chair of the Intelligence Committee.

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The latest “bombshell” person is under investigation for other actions and has every reason to come up with “evidence” to help himself. There are others who contradict this “bombshell” person.

Pelosi misquoted the transcript yesterday. With so many people, including government officials, lying about “facts” in order to bring down the president, it is very difficult to believe anyone without hard evidence. Hearsay and uncorroborated “evidence” is not enough.

Our system of government has lasted for a quarter of a millennium largely due to the wisdom of our forefathers, who understood that the best safeguard against tyranny was a separation of powers. When one ostensibly co-equal branch of government is gravely threatening the stability of this system through willful violation – as in the case of the Democratic-led House of Representatives – we (as in, We the People) are obligated to come to its defense.

I am voting Trump In November. This is not a question of partisanship, but rather a question of patriotism — and I would expect the same from my fellow patriots.

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