Here is where we find ourselves on the day the Senate takes up the impeachment articles of Pres. Donald J. Trump.

Democrats: “High crimes” is whatever we want it to be. It’s purely political. There doesn’t need to be a real crime.

America: Nonsense.

“High crimes” is described in the Constitution. The reason it did not specify a specific crime, but rather “high crimes” is to put it in the realm of “reasonable person.” The is a reasonable person could see the actions and determine it constituted a crime. In this case, you should be able to convince everyone in your party, but at the very least, at least garner a bipartisan vote. Neither happened. That should have clued Representatives Shiff/Nadler/Pelosi that they missed the mark.

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So instead of gracefully withdrawing, they are now acting even more partisan and trying to justify why a majority vote in the House should lead to the removal of a president, even when that’s not stated in the Constitution.

Notice a pattern with the lefty loony crowd? Whenever they can’t prove something but want it to be so, they state that the facts are not in dispute, when they are and should be for a good reason. It’s how little children behave because they can’t form a rational argument, and they know it. Further evidence that the left suffers from arrested development and low self-awareness. I used to think the left was purposefully using twisted logic, but they’ve done their best to prove me wrong. They know better but can’t help themselves.

This is why you constantly hearing members on the right claiming this is purely political. When you have Democrats talking about impeachment before Pres, Trump was even inaugurated, this whole sham can be nothing other than a political stunt. It is the Leventiy Beria approach – “show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.”

Anyone with a pulse and common sense at all knows that this “impeachment” is simply a partisan political attempt to undo the presidential election of 2016.

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The problem now is the number of people who are just fine with that thought. That genuine inculcated hatred undoes any principle is responsible for some of the worst things that have ever happened, period. Fortunately, this version of the Left is the self-neutering variety. And that’s the problem: a full half of the country has no sense, and operates only on feelings and beliefs.

Since when is determining “poses a great danger to our liberty” based the opinion of one political party of one part of Congress? It is wickedly stupid to claim Trump poses a danger to our liberty. Democrats are far more anti-liberty than Republicans. Democrats are the party with leaders that want to write laws forcing us to live by their theories. Democrats are the party that hates diversity of ideas, hates anything that reduces the centralization of power and authority.

Democrats want us to believe Trump’s actions are criminal, but they cannot reference the law that was violated because there was no law violated. Using the standard Democrats are applying, Obama, Holder, Clinton, and several others in the Obama administration deserved impeachment more than Trump.

The House has oversight authority, but it a gross abuse of that authority to impeach a judge or a member of the administration without identifying a clear violation of the law. There is no such thing as a criminal abuse of power without identifying the law being violated.

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There is no such thing as criminal obstruction of Congress unless the administration violates a law or is ordered by the Supreme Court to obey an order by Congress.

There are several moments and instances which could be said to mark the time of death of the Press in this Country. That bright and evident shill being presented as a Reporter ranks high on that list. There was a time it would have been unheard of, for obvious reasons, but this was before Bill Clinton and the devastation to overall standards he brought about.

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