We all know that voter fraud is rampant in many elections here in the US but in the 2018 midterms, the accusations were staggering.

Specifically in the Florida Senate race where officials “miraculously” found thousands of ballots that tightened the race between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson.

The increasing tense race between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida’s Senate race spurred lawsuits from both candidates. All but two counties have finished counting ballots, but those counties have caused the margin of Scott’s lead in the race to fall drastically, from 60,000 to about 15,000.

Scott filed a lawsuit alleging “rampant fraud” in the counties that heavily favor Democrats. Scott requested an investigation and questioned whether Democrat-led counties had been taking longer to count ballots in some sort of effort to inflate the Democratic vote. [USA Today]

Of course, the mainstream media made sure to throw plenty of cold water on that matter and the issue of voter fraud in Florida never really resurfaced.

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However, now Illinois is confessing that hundreds of non-citizens voted in 2018 elections.

And their excuse? A “programming error.”

They must think we have turnips growing out of our ears!

Agency spokesman Matt Dietrich told WCIA-TV that 574 noncitizens were inadvertently registered to vote prior to the election — and a number of them exercised that power.

“We do know that some of them voted,” he said.

Unfortunately for Illinois citizens, Dietrich did not say how many noncitizens actually cast a vote in the 2018 election.

Meanwhile, state Secretary of State Jesse White, a Democrat, blamed the illegal voting on a “programming error” in the state’s new voter registration system and characterized the problem as an “isolated” incident, according to WCIA.

Illegal voting was made possible because noncitizens are permitted to obtain a driver’s license in Illinois, and automatic voter registration also takes place at the DMV. Automatic voter registration was signed into law by former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) in 2017.

In response to the news, Illinois Republicans are calling for an investigation into the AVR system. [The Blaze]

Now with this bombshell uncovered, hopefully, a proper investigation will commence and more voter fraud will be uncovered.

Of course, it will still be a fight, since Democrats refuse to even admit that “voter fraud” exists.

The people who are so worried about 12 random Russians interfering in the last presidential election can’t even fathom that illegals are voting in every election.

Well, of course they know, they just don’t care because it helps their side.

We desperately need voter ID laws in this country and to end the voter registration/driver’s license programs that are ripe for fraud.

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