It appears that ABC and George Stephanopoulos don’t want to hear what President Trump’s impeachment attorney has to say.

That’s what people are saying anyway after Mr. Stephanopoulos was caught on camera frantically doing the “slit the neck” gesture while President Trump’s lawyer was speaking.

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The incident happened yesterday, as Jay Sekulow was discussing Team Trump’s chance at-bat, now that the (boring and lying) Dems have rested their (nothing-burger) case.

As Jay is prepared to take questions from the press, little George Stephanopoulos is back in the studio having a spastic attack trying to get ABC to cut away from the action.

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You can watch the video below:

Something tells me the lying fake news media isn’t looking forward to President Trump’s chance at-bat.

They’d prefer to live in a fantasy land where facts and evidence don’t matter…where the only things that matter are #Resist speeches and people’s feelings and partisan observations.

For the left everything about President Trump is hyper-emotional. The deranged left doesn’t need “facts” to tell them President Trump is “guilty,” they can feel it in their gut.

Meanwhile, the rest of sane people who haven’t succumbed to Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome do need and want FACTS. We’re not emotionally unwell people relying on ‘feelings” to get us through.


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