Four stupid Tampa Bay, FL men, were accused of driving to meet-up with supposed teenagers after sexually explicit conversations were exchanged on social media.

As fate would have it, these idiots were texting undercover deputies posing as those teenagers. One of them was already a convicted sex offender. If you’ve ever watched that television show “To Catch A Predator,” this sting seems as if it follows that template.

Sometimes, I believe public beatdowns with chains, two by fours, medieval materials would cure a lot of this mess. I know people tell me that it’s a mental illness, but then again, I believe some of these sickos hide behind that label to get what they want.

I don’t see the fascination of a man with a younger girl. I have two daughters, and I would go caveman if I ever heard of a man doing anything to them in a fashion like this story.

Four Tampa Bay area men are accused of driving to meet-up with teenagers after sexually explicit conversations on social media. Turns out, the men were texting undercover deputies posing as teenagers.

Court documents show 40-year-old Rudy Siam made a 14-year-old friend on the Grindr app. But the conversation quickly turns explicit.

What Siam doesn’t know is he’s actually texting an undercover Hillsborough County deputy.

“It’s very disturbing because I have both a son and a daughter,” said Patrick Craven. He’s the director of the non-profit Center for Cyber Safety and Education. “We were taught stranger danger by our parents but that was typically a man in a trench coat and a really bad van around the corner. Today the dark alley is the internet.”

Hillsborough County deputies arrested at least three other men in the months-long operation. [ABC Action News]

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One of them was already a sex offender? I can’t believe this. I would have to believe at least another of the four knew this about him. I am angry that they are allowed to run in packs like this. Where was the probation officer?

I hope they answer for this, in general population. Sometimes, I believe, that is the best jury on the planet.

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