In a recent podcast an award-winning journalist made the stunning claim the FBI is not a law enforcement agency, and it is now just a protection racket for American oligarchs and their deep state D.C. puppets.

Michael Moore, who now blogs under the name Thomas Paine, was an award-winning journalist in New Jersey.

Michael D. Moore, 51, used to work as a reporter for the New Jersey newspaper The Record, where he won a Loeb Award for business journalism in 1996, Buzzfeed News reports. He left the paper to start an investigations service in the late ’90s. [Metro US]

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Now, he uses his sources at the FBI to paint a stunning picture of corruption inside D.C. on his blog, “True Pundit.”

Thomas Paine’s scorching new podcast episode is live and in it, the journalist again uncovers troubling revelations about the FBI that only an insider could obtain.

Paine also discusses current news events and government propaganda. [True Pundit]

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What’s happened to the FBI is shameful – and you can thank Obama for this mess.

He’s the one who weaponized the intel communities (and IRS) to use against his political enemies – and as you can see he’s done a great deal of damage with this power he bestowed upon himself.

Now, we have an intel community that has lost public trust and support because the whole “racket” appears partisan and deeply politicized.

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However, as “Thomas Paine” points out – intel has indeed been weaponized but also provides cover for elites.

President Trump has his work cut out for him.

He’s going to need to do a major purge within the CIA, FBI, and NSA if he hopes to ever truly “drain the swamp.”

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