I am not a constitutional scholar but it does not take that qualification to understand that impeachment is reserved as a tool to remove presidents for the most heinous acts imaginable.

The Democrats made a mockery of the constitution by using Trump’s impeachment as a political tool.  Their articles of impeachment do not even constitute any crime let alone treason, high crime or misdemeanor.

It was a transparent sham on the backs of the voters who clearly should not have had this matter and election stolen from them.

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If Trump (or any president) was found to be a foreign agent, spy or Trojan horse, by all means, start an impeachment immediately at any time.  But when you invent an “issue” for the sole purpose of political expediency, that party has committed a more egregious breach of duty than anything they accuse the president of having committed.

That is something Democratic voters and supporters need to realize.  Impeachment will henceforth now and forever be abused as a political tool because of the failure of supporters of this impeachment not rising up in utter rejection of this sham!  How do they not understand that reality?

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Their silence stands at the cost of we the people having our constitution and our rights being trampled upon by the Democrats abusing their power.

This Senate Impeachment Trial is a referendum on career politicians in Congress … and, in particular, the Senate. House Republicans, to a man/woman, have not defected.

They saw the Democrat case for what it was. Interesting to see how many and which Republican Senators and career politicians seek to make their ‘star,’ undermine and/or otherwise drag out the proceedings and turn them into a platform for why Shakespeare wasn’t too fond of lawyers. I can count the petrodollars flooding into their accounts.

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In light of this complete farce impeachment and waste of time and money, I think the need for term limits for members of the House and Senate is glaringly apparent. These nimrods think the government is their personal attack machine and not “Of, By and for the People.

Whatever you may think of President Trump, whether he’s a little rough around the edges or too much of a feisty, street-brawler at times, for your tastes, you have to admire his gumption!

Again, this Senate Impeachment Trial is a referendum on career politicians and lawyers.

Builder Trump is a smart man that’s worked hard for this country to turn it around. Look at the Trump Economy? Who donates their salary? It’s a man that really cares about the country! Obama was busy playing golf. This guy was busy renegotiating bad trade deals and putting Americans first!

For a President to be dragged through a partisan impeachment gambit by the far-left controlled Democrat Party is a huge disgrace. Shame on the Democrats. Shame on Pelosi. Is this Hillary’s revenge on Republicans for 1998? … for the chant at Trump rallies?

If you want to be honest, Pres. Trump does obstruct socialists and communists in the House of Representatives. That’s why they are angry.

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These socialists want to give all our money way to Muslims and the Chinese. They want to take away all guns. They want to provide free health care for all citizens of the world off of your American dime. Pres. Trump should and must obstruct these communists and socialist; we elected him to do exactly that!

Vote Trump out of office on November 3rd, if that is your prerogative but, impeachment is not a constitutional substitute or a constitutional supplement for the ballot box.


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