The impeachment is a dumpster fire for Democrats.

As Constitutional Professor Jonathan Turley correctly stated…This impeachment will go down in history as one of the worst political blunders in the history of our country.

He’s right.

You can watch that video below:

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The ratings for the impeachment Senate trial are in the toilet – Americans couldn’t care less about this political nonsense if they tried.

President Trump’s fundraising is through the roof.

Since this impeachment sham started President Trump has been raking in money hand over fist.

But if all that is not bad enough the news just keeps getting worse for desperate Democrats. A new WAPO/ABC poll now shows President Trump climbing to the highest job approval ratings of his entire presidency in the middle of this impeachment sham.

What does that tell you?

Well, for starters, Americans can smell a political hit job from a mile away…and we’re not stupid, no matter how much Democrats wish we were or need us to be.

Keep in mind that this in ABC/WAPO poll, where Trump routinely polls very low. He usually hovers in the mid-to-high ’30s. Now he’s at 44 percent. That’s significant – that’s huge.

He’s climbed 6 points in this biased poll in just 3 months.

President Trump’s approval rating has climbed to match the highest of his presidency, boosted by majority approval of his economic stewardship even as Americans remain deeply divided on whether the Senate should remove him from office, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The Post-ABC poll finds 44 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s overall job performance and 51 percent disapprove. While views of Trump remain negative, Trump’s approval rating is significantly improved from his 38 percent mark in late October. [WAPO]

This polling flies in the face of the silly junk CNN and WAPO put out claiming that Americans are “split” on if they want Trump removed.

Poll after poll shows that the American people are relishing this amazing Trump economy. Why would they want to stop that? Why would his polling climb 6 points in 3 months if Americans were “split” on impeachment?

It makes no sense.

These biased phony polls and our lying media expect us to believe that Americans – who want to put food on the table and have a good life – are so bothered by some confusing and random “Ukraine phone call” that they’re willing to sacrifice their own families security, success, and happiness and toss Trump out of office without any crime or evidence whatsoever over a phone call with some foreign president?

Oh, and Americans will apparently do all of this without watching it unfold on TV (ratings are in the toilet).

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It’s laughable and it’s also insulting to our intelligence to try and peddle this garbage.

Impeachment has been a massive flop for Dems. The American people are tired of the frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Trump #Resistance that we’ve had to listen to for 4 years now. We want these do-nothing buffoons in Congress to stop the political games and get back to work for the American people.


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