The Democrat leaders in this Country have abused Our Constitution and obstructed the Office of the President is trying to bully their way into the Oval Office and to take over the Senate!

They held a sham hearing even though they had NO evidence of a crime, and after the sham hearing, they still had no proof, but even so, they threatened the members of their party if they did not vote for the impeachment!

After they held the full House vote, the insane Speaker of the House decided to hold on to the Articles in an attempt to take over the decision making authority of the Senate! Because they had impeached a duly elected President with no charges of a crime, Rep. Nancy Pelosi thought she was so powerful that she could force Sen. Mitch McConnell to do the work that she failed House buddies, Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler did not do!

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Sen. Chuck Schumer knows he is fighting a losing battle, he knows Nancy gave him NOTHING to work with, and McConnell sure as heck ain’t giving him anything!

The Democrats keep trying to convince the American people that things are not going well in this country right now. But all most see are prosperity, hope, confidence, vitality, ingenuity, and decades-low unemployment.

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Peace is breaking out all over the world. ISIS is on the run in many Middle East regions, but it could be better. Democrats keep trying, but they don’t have anything to back up their rhetoric, except made-up narrative that voters already see holes.

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Pelosi is attempting to “tamper with the Judy” with her threats to Senators and needs to be held accountable for her lewd conduct.

What have the Democrats produced during this Presidential term? Nothing. All of their hopes were based on this ridiculous impeachment, which like everything else they have done, which is nothing. Amazing that people still vote Democrat. It is a wasted vote.

“The GOP has been clear, all along, that, if witnesses are allowed, it intends to call Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the elusive whistleblower, whose account of a call between Trump and Ukrainian officials gave rise to the impeachment inquiry itself.”

This constitutes a checkmate with regard to the allegedly “impeachable offenses” committed by Trump. If the Democrats had sufficient evidence, we’d have seen it by now.

Democrats know they are going to lose in 2020 if the economy stays healthy. This is all about throwing anything at the wall to see if they can get the public to move their direction and help their already slim chances. I liken it to the end of a basketball game where the losing team keeps fouling in the hopes that the other team will miss several free throws.

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It usually doesn’t work, but they have to do it anyway. Pelosi and the Dems gambled on this whole impeachment process, and they keep losing, but at this point, if they capitulate, it would be even worse for them. This is just a bunch of Hail Mary’s over and over.

These people look like fools.

They conducted an “unfair” investigation and abrogated Trump’s constitutional rights but are claiming the Senate won’t be fair because it is biased. This woman has a screw loose. She wants to be able to say that the Senate was one-sided and wouldn’t let her call witnesses.

They have nothing, or they would have been shouting it from the rooftops for three years.

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