There is a deadly new virus sweeping across China that is making people deathly ill and even killing over 2 dozen people thus far, with many dozens more in “critcal condition.”

It’s called the “Coronavirus” and the spread of the virus is now being blamed on people in China eating “Bat soup.”

Yes, you heard me…BAT SOUP ?

Disturbing videos have emerged showing Chinese people eating bats, while experts say the “Coronavirus”  may have spread to humans from snakes or bats.


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The spread of the deadly coronavirus could be down to soup made from bats as photos emerge of people in a Chinese city eating the delicacy.

Experts suggested bats could host the virus, which has killed 17 people, in a paper published in the China Science Bulletin – admitting the pneumonia-like virus was “underestimated” by the research community.

China has confirmed over 500 cases of the disease and has since quarantined Wuhan as the coronavirus continues to spread.

It is not yet clear how the virus has spread between humans and bats but scientists believe “there may be an unknown intermediate”. [Daily Star]

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One particularly sickening clip shows a young woman at a restaurant holding a bat with chopsticks as she bites into its wing.

It’s hard to watch.

In the video, a man in the background says “eat the meat! Don’t eat the skin, you should eat the meat on its back.”

This is worse than watching a horror flick, to be honest.

You can watch the videos below (Warning gross and graphic):

This sort of thing reminds me of all the climate cultists who are trying to get Americans to eat bugs and weird things to “save the planet.”

They point to other countries who eat strange animals and insects as if we should be doing the same thing.

Uh, no. As this situation shows, not everything is meant to be eaten, for crying out loud.

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