Finally! It’s happening folks, we have a judge saying “NO” to a jilted woman who tried to destroy her ex-boyfriend using unconstitutional Red Flag laws.

This is the first time that a judge has denied a request to take away a man’s guns under Colorado’s new red flag law.

A Limon, Colorado woman claimed a man who she had a relationship with threatened her with a gun and filed the request to have his guns removed.

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She said that she was getting “verbal and physical threats” with a handgun and that her ex-boyfriend has “marijuana and alcohol” problems.

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But the judge, who looked at all the evidence, thought otherwise and ruled against her.

At this time there’s no explanation from the judge as to why he denied the woman’s request.

You can watch the video below:

I just want to take this moment to once again point out how easy it is for jilted lovers or angry people to go after American citizens’ Constitutional rights.

These Red Flag laws are a nightmare and at some point, they need to be challenged n the SCOTUS.

And these folks may be the ones to do it…

You can watch the video below:


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