Congress looks and acts more like an assisted living home than a place to do the people’s work.

Nancy Pelosi is a slurring mess.

She’s the “Speaker of the House” yet ironically, she can’t string a together a coherent sentence.

When she’s not desperately trying to hold her teeth in, she’s stumbling over the pronunciation of common words and losing her “choo choo” of thoughts every few minutes.

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It’s one of the most alarming things you’ll ever see. Someone with so much power, but is so inept.

However, after the video of Chuck Schumer talking to an empty char, perhaps Nancy’s mental health is the least of our concerns.

That’s right, as Schumer entered the Senate chamber for the impeachment charade, he was caught on camera stopping in front of his char and asking “someone” to get out of it.

No, we’re not jong.

This actually happened and it has many people questioning his well-being.

You can watch the videos below:

I think it’s high time that these politicians start taking mandatory drug tests and get mental evaluations.

I honestly don’t know why this isn’t a “thing” by now. They’re literally making life-altering decisions for Americans and we have a right to know if they’re in a proper state of mind when they’re doing it.

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