Let’s face it, nobody is excited about the Dem 2020 lineup. It’s a lackluster group of mostly old radicals who have spent a lifetime in the swamp, but now suddenly want to change and “fix” everything they helped to create.

But one thing is for certain…The DNC does not want Bernie winning the nomination.

You’ll recall back in 2016 they railroaded Bernie so Hillary could win the nomination even though Bernie was drawing massive crowds of people and had all the energy behind him.

That decision drove a massive wedge within the Dem party and caused many “Bernie Bros” to either stay home or vote for Trump in protest.

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Well, some experts are now speculating that the same thing is happening all over again, only this time the Dems are trying to be a tad more discreet.

Kevin McCarthy appeared on Fox Business, where he claims that Pelosi held back the articles of impeachment, not to hurt President Trump, but to hurt Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has overtaken Biden in Iowa…Biden really, really needs to win Iowa.

So, in steps good “friend Nancy” who holds back articles of impeachment so the trial will fall close to the Iowa prmary, tying up Sanders but leaving Biden free to campaign.

YOu can watch the video below:

When the Bernie supporters actually figure this out there will be hell to pay.

The Dems appear to be making the exact same mistakes as they did in 2016…and I know for a fact that they will experience the same election outcome.

But they don’t care what revolt happens, just as long as Sanders doesn’t get the nod.

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