So Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has started a Political Action Committee (PAC) to “reward those who reject lobbyist money, fight for working families, and welcome newcomers.”

Liberal translation, AOC doesn’t like the idea of paying her dues to the DNC but will take 50% of any money donated to her PAC.

This is the genius who claimed unemployment was down because people are working two jobs. She’s the last person to be trusted with money. Things are going to go downhill really fast when you start electing the least qualified candidates like Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar. Too soon?

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If you are going to run as a socialist, you should have to live there for ten years to learn first hand what it is like.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s creation of a new progressive PAC to “elect working-class champions who have lived the hardships we seek to eliminate” funnels half of every donation to her own campaign.

After accusing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of “blacklisting” progressive candidates and refusing to pay $250,000 in dues to the organization, Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) framed the “Courage to Change” PAC as a progressive alternative to the DCCC.

“We are pushing the envelope in DC by rewarding those who reject lobbyist money, fight for working families, & welcome newcomers,” she wrote on Twitter, making no mention of the fact that half of all donations go to her own campaign. [National Review]

According to the website, it’s straightforward. The goal of the PAC is to “elect working-class champions who have lived the hardships we seek to eliminate — people who have experienced racial, economic, environmental, or social injustice firsthand.”

But if you read the fine print, you will note how donations will be evenly split between Ocasio-Cortez and the PAC’s war chest. At the same time, an additional option allows for one to change the allocation, but not eliminate it.

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The Socialist “Flavor of the Month” has quickly learned how to work the Washington scam, sounds more like an organized crime figure who takes their “cut” before they spread some money around to the underlings. It will be interesting to see her campaign disclosures outlining her spending, might be some fun stuff there.

AOC has declared war on the Democrats. She is refusing to pay her dues to help fellow Dems get elected. The Dems are turning on her, and I am betting you will see the press turn on her as well.

The fact that there are people out there who voted for her is simply amazing. Her election speaks volumes about the collective mindsets of her constituents. They are unquestionably a group of far-left socialists who either are or have been on the government dole for generations. Their inner-city urban view of life is one of the government subsidies, free services, and crowded apartments.

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Their view of the world is observed through a lens of someone who had probably never left their crowded neighborhoods, let alone their state. She is for certain an accurate depiction of her electorate, and she will probably be re-elected.

In some circles, the Dems had already decided they have had enough of the AOC Circus. There are rumors how NY will lose a congressional seat as a result of a dropping population, and that has everything to do with her District 14.

I think it’s safe to say she won’t be in Congress much longer, and neither will the other members of her little squad. No reelections for them. People are tired of these children. Better candidates are running against them.

So AOC had better not forget how to make a long island Ice Tea.


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