A very strange thing happened on CNN yesterday and it has a lot of people talking.

The incident happened during “New Day” with host Alisyn Camerota.

Camerota delivered a very rare – yet very spot-on – criticism of House Manager Adam Schiff. She called him out for a major blunder during one of his long and boring speeches where he “inadvertently” insulted Republican Senators and even turned anti-Trump zealots like Lisa Murkowski against him.

In the midst of that very well-informed and correct analysis, Camerota -out of nowhere- immediately changes gears.

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It was literally as if someone in her ear ordered her to stop attacking Schiff – the change was that abrupt and strange.

Here are some reactions online:

“It’s a shame she had to “table” her analysis because it was 100% spot-on which is very rare for New Day.”

“She had her thumb right on the pulse of what’s going on. Surely the feminist in her wants to speak out or rebel against the patriarchy? I mean that’s how this is supposed to go right?”

“CNN started losing all objectivity in their reporting when Zucker took over. Zucker has a grudge against Trump from years ago at NBC.”

“That is a very clear yank on the leash.”

You listen to it and decide for yourself.

You can watch the video below:

It’s really too bad. Ths amazing moment of clarity and truth from CNN happens before everyone’s eyes and then *POOF* it’s just squashed and everyone goes right back to the propaganda.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it? The omission of “truth” in journalism in this country has had a big negative impact on so many things. So much hate and anger stemmed from the lies told by our media.

But the bottom line is this – leaving out the truth or “switching gears” as Cameroata did, is “fake news” just as much as making something up out of thin air.

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