We have the worst media in the world.

When you think about “propaganda” in the news, many people slam places like North Korea and Russa or even China and countries in the Middle East – remember “Bahgdad Bob”?

However, the U.S. liberal media has them all beat.

There is no greater and more successful propaganda machine in all the world than the American liberal media.

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Although, truth be told – as of late their success has run out. Thanks, mainly to President Trump for shining a bright light on the fake news industry, Americans are now hip to the game these globalist vultures have been playing on us for years.

President Trump shed light on fake news so we the people can now see how we’ve been duped by their progressive propaganda for years and years.

Trump calls them the “enemy of the people” and he’s right. Poll after poll shows Americans no longer trust the mainstream media. And because of this, the lying fake news media now claims President Trump has placed their lives in “danger.”

What a laugh. Those globalist elite vultures all live soft, doughy lives filled with privilege and excess. 

Meanwhile, actual reporters who are doing the hard work of reporting on real stories are the people in true danger.

One of those very reporters was recently gunned down for reporting on the brutal terrorists in the Iranian regime.

An Iraqi journalist and his cameraman have been shot dead in their car by unknown gunmen after reporting on anti-regime demonstrations.

Ahmen Abdel Samad, a correspondent for Dilja TV, and cameraman Safaa Ghali were ‘assassinated’ in the southern city of Basra, the US Embassy in Baghdad confirmed.

Just hours before his death on Friday, Mr Samad had posted a video condemning the Iraqi forces for their brutal crackdown on anti-regime protests while permitting those outside the US embassy earlier this month.

Footage on Dilja TV’s website showed Mr Samad slumped in the passenger seat with a bullet wound to the right side of his head and bullet holes through the car door.

The US Embassy said it ‘strongly denounced the deplorable and cowardly assassination.’

The statement added that it was the Iraqi government’s responsibility to uphold ‘the right to freedom of expression, protecting journalists, and ensuring that peaceful activists can practice their democratic rights without fear of reprisal.’

Hundreds gathered in the streets to mourn the loss of the journalist and cameraman on Saturday amid angry anti-regime demonstrations which have been going on for months.

Factions within Iraq’s security forces, mostly Iran-backed militia, have been accused of killing some 500 protesters since the unrest started, with another 19,000 wounded. [Daily Mail]

We must be vigilant and keep calling out the fake news media for what they are – a propaganda machine working on behalf of the Deep State and progressive globalists.

God knows they will use every tool in their power to try and take President Trump down n 2020.

Stay strong and focused!

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