We all know that Adam Schiff has those crazy shifty eyes, darting all over the place, looking confused, guilty, and scared all at once.

We also know that he’s usually got some bags under his eyes – likely from staying up all night due to his Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome…But we’ve never seen him look this bad.

TRENDING: Breaking: Politico Reports Schiff Lied About Latest Key “Bombshell Evidence” Against President Trump

The photo in the tweet below is a screenshot from Schiff’s Senate impeachment trial speech on the first day of the hearing. It has not been doctored or edited in any way – and this shocking image has the internet buzzing.

Look at those bags under his eyes. His bags have bags! And the dark circles – oh my…Clearly this man has not been getting any sleep.

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Needless to say, Trump supporters chimed in big time and gave their spin on why Schiff looks like such a total wreck!

“water retention, he’s on his period”

“His bags have bags”

“I would rather look at the bags under his eyes than those usually surrounding him… like Pelosi, Waters, etc”

“Well he’s about to have a heart attack….and not the induced killary kind….no his will be self inflicted.”

“This is what it looks like to hate someone so much you cause your own health to deteriorate.”

“The look of demon possession!”

“The wicked are destroyed by their own wickedness.”

“When one go around full of hate and leading a pack like him to try and take down a President that is making our country stronger, I guess it’s catching up with him! No, not one weapon formed against our President shall prosper in Jesus name Amen”

“Well, one of his best friends is in jail for murder and also addicted to meth.”

“He’s learning you can’t sleep, when you’re trying to keep up with Trump.”

“This what losing looks like”

“Maybe he visited his pal Ed Buck”

“He knows he’s done for.”

“Crack is Whack”

“He’s in full panic mode. He’s desperate. He knows there is No Step 5.”

“Holy smokes he looks like shit 100 times his usual.”

“He’s been hanging out with Hunter Biden”

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