A Democrat meltdown is happening. She just handed the election to the Republicans.

Look for the Republicans to win the House, keep the Senate, and maintain the Oval Office. On top of it all, many Democrat candidates will be pulled off the campaign trail at a very important time.

Is there any doubt that Rep. Nancy Pelosi is just too political? She wants to deflect any positive news regarding this administration. Does anyone believe that it is a coincidence that Nancy is sending the impeachment articles the same day that the China trade deal is signed?

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But something funny happened. Nancy said she wasn’t going to send the articles until the Senate complied with her demands. Funny, as soon as they said we don’t need you to have trails, she caved.

Did you get a chance to see the queen of corruption come out like she was the president (which she will never be) along with her cronies from her side of the aisle and tell the people that the president still can’t call witnesses unless they are approved by the corrupt house Democrats so that the president can’t be allowed a fair trial?

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The Democrats believe what they have done is historic. It’s not going to be historic for long since the Democrats have demonstrated that it’s perfectly acceptable to impeach a president with no proof of a crime or even any evidence that he did anything that they allege.

From now on, any President can be impeached if the opposing party holds a majority in the house and wants to harass the President and tarnish his reputation. Any party with house majority can now impeach the President at any time. Abuse of office is an easy one – It doesn’t matter what they did – or didn’t do. Just claim that the President is doing “it” for personal reasons.

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The only proof needed is 30 people who say that they think they know what the President was thinking. And it doesn’t even matter if he did or didn’t do it or if it’s legal or illegal.

And it doesn’t matter if the President isn’t removed from office, the President will be “impeached for life,” and that’s all that matters in the new world the Democrats have created.

You can guarantee that with two impeachment articles that are as nebulous as these, there is ample room for additional “evidence” to appear continually. Any new evidence will also be as ambiguous as the evidence now used to support the articles. Abuse of office? Name one President or Senator or House member that hasn’t committed apparent abuse of office. Obstruction of congress? How can it be obstruction of Congress when it is totally within the proper Presidential prerogative to withhold key staffers from testifying?

This is all political theatre. Given the house vote went straight down party lines would suggest as much. Pelosi and the Dems filed articles of impeachment knowing full well it won’t pass the senate. The only question remaining is which party will come out on top from a public opinion standpoint. This is congress – a bunch of self-serving, zero-sum game playing, individuals who cannot think for themselves.

Today if the day the Democrats admitted they cannot defeat Trump in the election, that is literally only ten months away.

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