There is nothing better than watching a pushy, aggressive reporter get blasted in the face with a hose.

Seriously, it’s a great thing!

An Australian news show called “A Current Affair” covers neighborhood squabbles.

Here’s how it works: One side of the feuding neighbors contacts the news show (they are the victim) and they have the show come out and try to mediate the fight by aggressively approaching and questioning the other neighbor (the villains).

It’s kinda like Jerry Springer outdoors.

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Gee, how can anything go wrong?

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Well, this particular feud turned out to be more entertaining than any other – because the tables were turned on the smug, pushy reporter.

Insufferable reporter Sam Cucchiara barges up to this family’s home and starts demanding answers about the feud when all of a sudden the homeowner turns the hose on the reporter and blasts him right the face with a stream of water!

Reporter Sam Cucchiara took to Twitter where he posted a video of the incident, saying “Well I can’t say this has ever happened before.”

Watch the video below:

We love reading the comments. t turns out our friends down under also hate the media!

“Hope it happens a million more times.”

“All journalists are going to hell.”

“As a tabloid pest I’m guessing it was well deserved”

“Well deserved”

“Worse…Journalists… They’re just like Jehovah’s, but with less credibility.”

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