I thought the Kavanaugh stunt would go down as the greatest political disaster of all time.

Little did I know that the Dems were about to say to themselves, “hold my beer” and actually top themselves.

But that’s exactly has happened with this disastrous impeachment fiasco.

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Where did go wrong?

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Well, President Trump threw the first and most major monkey wrench into the sham when he released the transcript of the call. The Dems never thought in a million years he’d do that. They figured they could say what they wanted and build this massive case against him while working against the backdrop of the mysterious phantom call that Americans would never actually hear.

Once the transcript was out their plan was ruined but they had to keep going because the Dem Party has been hijacked by the kook anti-Trump TDS mob and they have demanded “impeachment” since day one.

However, things only got worse after the release of the transcript…Schiff’s secret meetings in his basement lair didn’t help matters – but his public hearings were even worse.

He was not able to bring forth one witness that had any actual evidence of wrongdoing – just a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who don’t approve of Trump’s foreign policy. It felt more like an HR meeting than an impeachment hearing.

Needless to say, the American people have had enough. Not only were the ratings for the impeachment scandal bottom-of-the-barrel low, but polling began wildly changing in Trump’s favor.

But regardless of polling and facts,  you have these Trump-haters, like Juan Williams and others who are so infected with Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can’t see or think straight. They are consumed with so much hate that they just want to see him go down, facts be damned.

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“The Five” co-host Jese Watters puts it best…the whole thing backfired and now impeachment is underwater in every single swing state. Meanwhile,  Juan Williams is over here talking about impeaching Trump over “call logs.” CALL LOGS?  The American people are scratching their heads and rolling their eyes because we realize that in order to remove a sitting United States President you need “high crimes and misdemeanors” not call logs, for crying out loud.

It’s like a political horror show or a bloody political trainwreck. It’s so bad and so awful but you can’t look away. And Dems just keep making it worse for themselves.

You can watch the video below:



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