Our fake news propaganda media is the most hateful, bitter, envious, mean-spirited secular ghouls around.

I picture them circling, like starving vultures and buzzards, waiting to pounce on anything to attack the Trumps. And if they can’t find something, they just make it up as they go.

These people must be the most miserable humans on earth. You can’t be a happy positive person when all you do is push negative snarky garbage.

This Woman is Insane: Report: Barbra Streisand Thinks The Founding Fathers Created ‘Impeachment’ To Stop President Trump 

Case in point – WAPO did a write up on Melania’s Christmas decorations. You’ll recall last year the media trashed the WH Christmas decor, claiming it looked “dark” and “Russian.” This year, they loved the decorations, but because they always need to be negative, they decided to slam Melania and her gorgeous wintery wonderland outfit.

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Needles to say, it backfired spectacularly – WAPO got an earful from fed-up Americans who are sick of the nasty partisanship and the vile fake news media:

“Perspective: Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations are lovely, but that coat looks ridiculous”

“Apparently it’s cool to objectify, mock, and belittle women if they’re not leftists.”

“This is incredibly petty and exhausting”

“Actually she looks stunning. Like always.”

“No, WaPo, *this* looks ridiculous:”

“Imagine having such bad taste that you go after the most fashionable First Lady of all time.”

“Melania Trump would be on the cover of Vogue if she was a Democrat. Her wardrobe is impeccable and she looks fierce in this jacket.”

This is why Mark Levin calls the @washingtonpost the Washington Compost.”

“Some perspective… passive aggressive. Okay, we give in, we’ll be positive about her patriotic decorations, but we still need to cut her down for “something”. The writers of WaPo are downright ridiculous.”

“Sometimes a coat is just a coat. But the way you manage to slip in deliberately insulting language into your descriptions says more about you than our lovely First Lady.”

“Everything she does is pure grace.”

We’re good with the way our gorgeous @FLOTUS #MelaniaTrump dresses, thanks”

“I actually like the coat. The white, flowing look fits in with the winter theme. And the decorations are classy. Fabulous and classy!”

“Cancelled my digital subscription, what a awful comment she looks beautiful”


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