The former Ukraine prosecutor who was fired because of Joe Biden is speaking out…and boy, does he have a story to tell.

With Rudy Giuliani by his side, Viktor Shokin told OANN that former VP Joe Biden was “outraged” that he was going after Burisma and seizing Burisma assets.

You’ll recall that Joe Biden is on video laughing and doing a “victory lap” for getting Mr. Shokin canned. Biden said the Ukraine government wouldn’t get their billion in aid if they refused to fire him. This was while Shokin was in the middle of investigating Burisma for fraud.

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Giuliani has been on a warpath to expose Joe Biden’s dirty deeds in Ukraine (and other places too). And it looks like he has hit paydirt.

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Now that Giuliani has Mr. Shokin on his side and he’s willing to talk there is no reason not to have a full-blown investigation into this matter.

After all, there’s far more evidence of Biden’s wrongdoings in Ukraine than anything President Trump did.

What is insulting is that the fake new media and Joe Biden are acting as if none of this is a “big deal.” Once again, they’re insulting the intelligence of the American people.

You can watch the video below:

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