Obama’s assistant US attorney Bianca Forde was arrested during a drunk-driving stop. She was trying to stop the police from administering a sobriety test to her boyfriend, who was driving the car.

Wow, what a nice example she’s setting for the public, huh?

Forde was riding in the passenger seat of a car being driven by her boyfriend around midnight in Manhattan when cops pulled the car over for suspicion of drunk driving.

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Forde,  who works in the criminal division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C., ignored several police warnings to stay inside the car.

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Instead, she jumped out of the car and got belligerent with police.

Police said Forde, who also appeared to be intoxicated, began badgering and intimidating the police by falsely claiming that she didn’t have to listen to them because she’s an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Authorities said Forde used “her prestigious job to intimidate officers.”

Prosecutors claimed that Bianca Forde told police: “You have no right to ask him to exit the vehicle. This is against the law. I don’t have to listen to you. I’m an attorney. I’m barred in New York, I practice here. I’m a US attorney. I’m his attorney. He doesn’t have to blow [on the breathalyzer test].”

The irony is that Forde’s boyfriend took the sobriety test, passed it, and was not arrested. However, Forde was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and failure to obey police officers.

A federal prosecutor told BizPac Review that the Department of Justice will likely reprimand Forde if it’s true that she used her position as an Assistant U.S. Attorney to intimidate police officers. DOJ attorneys are explicitly warned not to exploit their prestigious titles for personal reasons.

If Forde throws her weight around to the police, imagine what she does to lay people (like waiters and cashiers) when she doesn’t get her way.

What’s amazing is that a federal prosecutor apparently has no respect for local law enforcement. But that’s not surprising because disrespect of the police has become commonplace among today’s Left.

The Left’s anti-police rhetoric has escalated so much that New York City police officers are being assaulted in broad daylight for doing their jobs — which is to protect the public. [Bizpacreview]

Another example of liberal elites thinking and behaving as if they’re above the law. Gee, I wonder where they learned that behavior from?

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