Every action causes a reaction!

So Rep. Jerry Nadler calls a bunch of Democrat lawyers, refuses all the Republican witnesses and then refers this to the House for Articles. What a sham.

The American people know it too which is why Pres. Trump’s numbers are rising in places where some thought he would have trouble in 2020 as Democrats that voted for Trump in 2016 could have switched back. But with the crazy antics of the Democratic Party of the past 3-plus years. I don’t see that happening.

As an independent conservative, my interest is in the integrity of the legal process. If there was actually evidence of wrongdoing, I would be on board with removing the president, but the case is just not proven and Democrats seem unable to get through their partisan blinders to see that.

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This has been a one-sided affair from the beginning. Enough already. Finish the process and move this to a Senate trial so ALL the witnesses can be called. We aren’t getting justice here, this just looks like Democrat abuse of their authority to conduct a kangaroo trial.

President Donald Trump beats every Democrat in the three key battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, according to a new Firehouse Strategies and Optimus poll:

Across the board, President Trump is polling well against the Democratic field in each of these battleground states. Notably, Vice President Biden has seen a sharp decline in support in our surveys as he currently runs behind President Trump in each of the three states.

The Republican-leaning political firm puts out a quarterly poll, but this is the first time President Trump has beaten Joe Biden and other Democrats in hypothetical matchups.

Worse for the Democrats: It turns out that voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania aren’t wearing the Democrats’ impeachment goggles, either:

In each of these battleground states, we find that a majority of likely 2020 voters do not support the impeachment and removal of President Trump from office. Impeachment and removal is opposed by 50.8% of voters in Michigan, 52.2% of voters in Pennsylvania, and 57.9% of voters in Wisconsin.

In 2016 Trump shocked Democrats by winning all three of these key states. [PJ Media]

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According to Politico, Independents are fleeing the Dem Party faster than an Iraqi from a bingo parlor screaming …”B-52!!”

If it wasn’t for the democrat party, we would have discovered the cure to cancer and solved the mystery of the great pyramids. Thanks, DEMS for wasting our time.

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If anyone is following this and watching it unfold, do you really think this party should be in control of our government? Can you honestly say you trust them on legislating and making the laws that you will have to follow and do you believe they will abide by that same law?

Do you feel safe and self-assured if this party came after your parents, your spouse, or your children that you feel they will do the right thing and give them the justice they deserve or do you feel they would lie, cheat, create evidence, crucify them by public opinion before you even get a fair trial? If that is your wish for them to control congress well, be careful what you wish for.


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