Stacey Abrams still thinks she won the Georga Governor’s race even though she lost by a whopping 55 thousand votes.

Abrams called Kemp a “remarkable architect of voter suppression,” after her sound defeat. Bitter Abrams then founded “Fair Fight,” a so-called “voting rights” group that challenges Georgia’s voter roll purges.

Well, “Fair Fight” just got beaten yet again.

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This week a federal judge allowed the secretary of state’s office to remove about 4 percent of registered voters from the rolls.

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This move was aimed at ridding the list of people who died or left Georgia.

Why on earth would anyone fight against THAT?

There were also more than 120,000 people removed because they hadn’t voted since 2012 or responded to mailings from the state.

Good. That’s what should be done…Sorry, Stacey – you lose again.

A federal judge ruled on Friday that the state of Georgia acted within the law by purging 98,000 voters from registration rolls who hadn’t voted in 8 years or responded to a mailed notification letter.

All told, Georgia purged nearly 300,000 people who were either inactive or did not respond to the mailer. Liberal groups fought the purge claiming it was unconstitutional.

But the judge didn’t see it that way.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Jones wrote in a 32-page order that the plaintiffs, led by the voting rights group Fair Fight Action, failed to show that the cancellations violated the U.S. Constitution. Jones wrote that the plaintiffs could still ask the Georgia Supreme Court to interpret the state law about inactive voters.

In all, nearly 287,000 registrations were canceled this month because those registered either moved away or stopped participating in elections. An additional 22,000 inactive voters were initially removed but reinstated by the secretary of state’s office because those voters had contacted election officials in early 2012, before the cancellation cut-off date.

“Judge Jones upheld Georgia’s decision to continue to maintain clean voter rolls,” said Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “Despite activists’ efforts and lawsuits that only waste taxpayer dollars, Georgia is continuing to ensure every eligible voter can vote and voter lists remain accurate.”

Voting is a right, but it’s also a choice. If people choose not to vote, the state doesn’t need to maintain their names on registration rolls indefinitely. Besides, if someone changes their mind, it’s ridiculously easy in most states to re-register.

Needless to say, purging the names of those who are dead or have moved out of the state is vital to maintaining the security of the vote.

As for the group fighting the purge, they will continue looking for a friendly venue to challenge the state of Georgia’s ability to run its own elections. [PJ Media]


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