If I was in trouble I’d want Senator Kennedy in my corner fighting for me. That’s probably how President Trump feels right now as “Deep State Coup Part Two” unfolds.

The mainstream media is in the pockets of the Deep State and the Dems – who are feverishly trying to undo the 2016 election and stop President Trump from winning again in 2020. It all boils down to one SCOTUS seat held by a radical progressive. If the Dems lose RBG’s seat they know they are screwed for decades to come…so they will do whatever it takes to try and stop that from happening.

But thankfully, President Trump has some powerful fighters in his corner battling the information war we’re currently in. Senator Kennedy is one of those fighters and he took on the pompous progressive shill Chuck Todd – who’s not even pretending to be “impartial” anymore – and he won.

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Kennedy appeared on “Meet the Press” where he went up one side of Chuck and down the other over this absurd and desperate impeachment circus, pointing out the lack of due process and called it more rigged than a “carnival ring toss.”

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This entire stunt is a waste of American taxpayer time and money because the Dems have NOTHING. They’re just trying to smear President Trump in the court of public opinion and wound him heading into 2020…all on our dime. Meanwhile, the things we need for our country are on hold. Basically, Dems are holding this country hostage in order to try and hold onto political power.

If these lunatics ever got any real power back this country would be screwed to high heaven.

You can watch the video below:

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