MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough is a traitorous bum to the Republican party, but sometimes you can find a gold nugget in the mud.

Scarborough shut down morning panelist Donny Deutsch who doesn’t have a bit of nonsense God gave him at birth because the always talkative without repercussions mouthpiece claimed Rudy Giuliani “exploited” 9/11 for his political gain.

The panel was talking anti-Trump stuff as usual, which is why their ratings were down when the topic of Giuliani came up, and Deutsch couldn’t hold back in trouncing the former New York Mayor’s contribution to 9/11. He did so in a passive/aggressive way.

Deutsch said Giuliani “did do something heroic” for New York in the aftermath of 9/11, followed up by this nasty analysis, “anybody that lives in this town knows that he exploited 9/11. You know, I don’t even want to give him that because in the years to come, in the most self-serving way, he exploited the greatest tragedy that we have lived through.”

Scarborough quickly jumped to Giuliani’s defense: “I can’t let you say that on my show.”

“If you’ve got issues with Rudy Giuliani, take up those issues with Rudy Giuliani and what’s going on right now. I know for myself and for a lot of Americans when George Bush was stumbling the first week, it was Rudy who stepped into the void. Let’s just talk about what’s going on now and don’t bring up 9/11.”

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Even Al Sharpton said that he wasn’t going to attack Giuliani’s 9/11 leadership. Now that’s saying a lot, especially from a poverty pimp’s standpoint.

Deutsch eventually got back in to give Giuliani credit for his time as New York City mayor. Still, he stood by his view that Giuliani’s conduct in the years after was less-than-admirable. Al Sharpton was also on the panel, and he said he would not attack Giuliani’s 9/11 leadership, even though he agreed that Giuliani’s legacy had been damaged since then.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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