Once again, anti-Trump hack Chris Wallace went after President Trump.

During a speech at the Newsum, Wallace let it slip why he hates Trump so much when he said, “I believe President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history…but many of our colleagues…see the president’s attacks…as a rationale, an excuse, to cross the line themselves to push back”

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Wallace is such a partisan hack that he can’t even understand why Americans and the President don’t trust the lying fake news media.

You can watch the video below:

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Well, Rush Limbaugh has had enough and now he’s speaking out against Chris Wallace.

Thank goodness!

Rush correctly wants to know where is it written that the press – especially one as cruddy as ours – is somehow immune from any criticism?

This is such a snooty elitist attitude.

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What’s happening to the press is their own fault. They made this mess by printing endless fake news stores, by pushing wild and unfounded conspiracy theories, and by being so riddled with hate against President Trump that they’ve lost all common sense and professionalism.

Rush asked where it’s written that the press is immune from criticism. He also asked why the president can’t call the media out for lying about him.

“Where is it written that the press is immune from criticism?” ~ Rush Limbaugh

I would like somebody to tell me where it is written that the press cannot be criticized by anybody. By a president — you know, just because the press has constitutional reference in the First Amendment does not mean they are immune from criticism. The president gets all kinds of constitutional references, and it seems like the press thinks the reason they exist is to criticize and destroy this president and Richard Nixon and George W. Bush and to support presidents like and Barack Obama.

“If the president is being lied about, why can’t he say so?” ~ Rush Limbaugh

Okay. You want to do a chicken or egg thing, who started it. Okay. Well, you go back to the campaign, and Trump starts calling ’em fake news. Why did he call ’em fake news? Because they were demonstrably reporting a bunch of things that weren’t true. They were trying to make a big deal out of things that weren’t true. They had made it abundantly clear going as far back as the Republican primaries that they were gonna try to take this guy out.

So what’s he supposed to do, just sit there and watch them try to take him out without calling them out on it? And why is it that the media can say anything they want about whoever it is they’re targeting and whoever is the target cannot respond without being accused of destroying press freedom? The very existent of CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times today is the greatest evidence that there has been no interruption of press freedom that I can think of. [100 Percent Fed Up]

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