Actor Mark Ruffalo has a problem with Capitalism.

Let’s check the ledger. Ruffalo is worth 30 million dollars. He had better get busy re-distributing that much wealth. And while he’s doing that, we’ll reconsider his place in society based on his ability and contribution, adjusting his earnings for just how much the system needs another bland everyman churning out mediocre cineplex movies.

It is so easy to say when you’ve already made it and are secure. What’s his solution? Alternatives to capitalism have always resulted in a small group of rich and the majority poor. Reality is life, never completely fair, no matter how much we try.

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“It’s time for an economic revolution,” he said. “Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.”

Ruffalo’s tweet caused a stir on social media, with author and entrepreneur Carol Roth firing back at the Marvel star on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

“The fact that you have somebody who has benefited basically saying that we need to escape from economic freedom is just patently ridiculous and, unfortunately, there are too many people spreading this horrible message,” Roth said.

Along with the tweet, Ruffalo shared a Nov. 21 op-ed from Time magazine titled “How America’s Elites Lost Their Grip,” in which writer Anand Giridharadas backed 2020 presidential hopefuls Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

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But just a few years earlier, in 2017, Ruffalo — who has historically voiced support for Sanders — reportedly raked in an estimated $13 million, making Forbes’ highest-paid actors list that year.

This year, the Hollywood star’s net worth was estimated at $20 million. Meanwhile, his wife, Sunrise, runs a curated lifestyle website and shop named Sunny’s Pop in upstate New York. The shop features online gift guides that rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s fancy Goop site. [Fox News]

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Ruffalo is literally the poster child for limousine liberal. Wouldn’t spend a dime on seeing any of his movies. I would love to hear his opinion when the government wants to take 90% of his wealth to help the children, of course.

Hey Mark, sell all of your homes, cars, clothing, and ostentatious awards. Withdraw all of your cash, keep $45K for yourself, rent a studio apartment in Reading, PA, and then redistribute all of your money to the unemployed and homeless people in your community. Tool.

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We should thank him. He’s only revealing himself and his wife to be takers in our society. The only problem I have with people who get rich are the ones who proclaim, “I’ve got mine, now I want to take away capitalism so you can’t get yours.” Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are proving this.

The bottom line, Ruffalo doesn’t want wealth and prosperity to America’s citizens but prefers poverty and misery. Typical liberal.



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