According to a new report, a police officer was placed on leave for allegedly “fondling” a dead woman’s body.

The report indicates that two police officers arrived on the scene responding to a call involving the death of a woman.

One of the officers left the room and returned to his patrol car. The other officer then turned off his bodycam without realizing that it records for 2 minutes after it has been turned off and he began molesting the corpse.

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Afterward, he turned the camera back on.

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Later, when a detective was reviewing the bodycam footage he saw the assault and reported the officer.

If true, this man should never wear a badge again and he must be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

They need to also go back and see what else this monster may have done in the past.

A Los Angeles Police Department officer has been placed on leave after body camera footage allegedly caught him fondling a female corpse, sources tell Eyewitness News.

The officer with Central Division had gone with a partner to a death investigation at a home. During the investigation at one point, the officer’s partner had left the room.
Sources say the officer turned off the recording on his body camera and then lifted the sheet off the woman’s body and allegedly began feeling her nipples and fondling her breasts.

He later turned the body camera recording back on. But the cameras used by the department have a video buffering that saves footage going back for two minutes prior to the recording function being activated.

A detective who was later reviewing bodycam video for the investigation saw the fondling on video and reported him.

The officer was pulled from the field and assigned to home duty after this incident came to light, according to LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein.

The union representing LAPD officers called the incident “extremely disturbing.”

“If this allegation is true, then the behavior exhibited by this officer is not only wrong, but extremely disturbing, and does not align with the values we, as police officers, hold dear and these values include respect and reverence for the deceased,” the Los Angeles Police Protective League said. “This behavior has no place in law enforcement.”  [ABC 7]

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