Nancy Pelosi is playing President of The United States again.

This time she’s meeting with Muslim groups and trying to plot out a way to overthrow President Trump’s travel ban.

Speaker Pelosi took a break from her impeachment coup to work on another “coup” to try and disrupt the Presidents’ agenda by trying to overthrow his travel ban, which is put in place to keep American citizens safe.

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When will these liberal elites learn?

Look at what happened in Britain just a day or two ago. The elite globalist agenda was smashed into a million tiny pieces. People are rejecting what Pelosi is selling all over the world.

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Yet, she and other globalist progressives like her simply can’t stop themselves.

In addition to talking about ways to overthrow the travel ban, the groups also spoke to Pelosi about so-called “anti-Muslim bigotry.” After the meeting, participant Qasim Rashid said, “We had the opportunity to speak with Speaker Pelosi and discuss the anti-Muslim violence we’re seeing through social media accounts.”

To be honest, the only people in this country who are routinely bashed are Trump supporters.

Nancy Pelosi is plotting to open the floodgates of Muslims into this country and after what we’ve seen happen in Europe, that should scare every single freedom-loving patriot into ACTION!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took time out during the House’s ongoing impeachment effort to meet with a group of Muslim activists. The activists were seeking support for legislation to oppose the president’s executive order 13780, banning travel from countries of national security concern. Critics insist on identifying the executive order as a “Muslim ban” despite that it affects only seven countries, two of which—North Korea and Venezuela—are not Muslim. The executive order was upheld by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling.

Pelosi attended a meeting on December 10 organized by Muslim Advocates, which led lawsuits against the travel ban. The group is known for opposing even the most reasonable counter-terrorism efforts, and played a key role in undermining Customs and Border patrol efforts to screen for radical Islamists during the Obama administration.

Pelosi met with a number of Muslim organizers and politicians from around the country, with both Sunni and Shia groups represented. A representative of the Open Society Foundation was also present, according to pictures of the meeting provided by Muslim Advocates.

The meeting was organized to encourage Pelosi to support H.R. 2214, the so-called No Ban Act, introduced by Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif), which seeks to prevent the president from enforcing the travel ban and seeks to extend other limitations on the president’s authority to restrict immigration for national security reasons. Chu has a history of close ties to Islamist lobby groups. The bill currently has 205 co-sponsors, all Democrats. [Federalist]

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