This article was written by Carlos Winston

This past November, Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, giving us an idea of how the company plans on moving forward in the production of electric vehicles. The event caught a crazy amount of attention and caused a lot of confusion, likely because of the truck’s intricate design.

Surprisingly, Tesla wasn’t the first to unveil an all-electric Tesla-branded pickup truck.

That claim would rightly go to Simone Giertz. About five months ago, Simone posted a YouTube video showing how she turned a Tesla model 3 into a custom vehicle that she calls Truckla. The video is very descriptive and explains the process in detail. There are so many exciting things about Simone’s project, coupled with the Cybertruck unveiling mainly because the application of electric pick up trucks seems almost taboo.

When she took this for a ride, it seemed like she was a parade by herself. Onlookers and strangers wanted to ask questions and take photos. This was so wild.

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Giertz decided that Tesla was taking too long to release their new pick up truck and purchased a Model 3 to modify. It’s honestly a marvel to look at, anyone who saw the vehicle in public would think it was factory-made. All this was accomplished with about a year of planning and a small team of engineers.

Giertz plans to be a part of the small percentage of people who drive electric cars and electric cars only, she isn’t too fond of oil companies and makes that pretty clear in her video.

The process of transitioning a Tesla from one type of vehicle to another wasn’t all that easy.

At some point, after making some initial modifications, the Model 3 wouldn’t start because it was “reporting its faults” back to headquarters. They also had to change their approach after making the first cut into a structural beam but got through the rest of the process relatively smoothly.

So far, the video is her most viewed amassing 10 million views. For anybody who follows Musk’s tweets, it isn’t much of a surprise that Giertz’s Truckla and the Cybertruck look vastly different. Musk intended to have a design that was like no other pick up. It’s hard to say which one personally drive considering the functionality.

With that being said, which one would you instead use? We’ll see how everything pans out in the future when the Cybertruck releases in 2021.


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