The liberals are going to regret not breaking up the 9th Circuit when they had the chance. It’s too big, has too much power, and is starting to lean Conservative, LOL!

On Thursday, the 9th Circuit Appeals Court lifted several injunctions blocking the Trump administration’s rule restricting immigration eligibility for individuals deemed likely to become public charges.

This rule has been in place a long time ago. The only reason we are even discussing this is some liberal activist judges want to stick it to Pres. Trump. If you do not like the laws, run for Congress. That is what adults do.

The president has full and total control over immigration coming into the country and the lawmakers know this but they continue to try to strip Pres. Trump of his executive powers because they do not like him, as a person. It is not the job of the court to decide if they like it or not, the job of the court to ensure the laws conform to the rules and regulations of the constitution. Either rule according to the law or get off the bench.

The United States Supreme Court needs to settle this as various appeals courts cannot have conflicting rulings.

In its 2-1 decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed preliminary injunctions against the administration’s rule from federal courts in Washington and California. The rule is still blocked nationwide by courts in Maryland and New York, which the decision by the Ninth Circuit do not overturn.

The phrase [“public charge”] is subject to multiple interpretations, it in fact has been interpreted differently, and the Executive Branch has been afforded the discretion to interpret it,” wrote Judges Jay Bybee and Sandra Ikuta, both appointed by George W. Bush. “Whether the change in policy results from changing circumstances or a change in administrations, the wisdom of the policy is not a question we can review.”

Judge John Owens, an Obama appointee, dissented, saying he would have permitted the stay on the Trump administration’s rule to give the court time for a more in-depth review of the policy.

“The Department of Justice is pleased with today’s decision to lift the injunction and respect the legal authority vested in the administration by the U.S. Congress,” a spokesman for the DOJ commented.

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Judge Bybee also added an additional part to his decision slamming Congress for not doing their jobs and passing immigration legislation which would stop this fighting in the courts.

Bybee: “We have seen case after case come through our courts, serious and earnest efforts, even as they are controversial, to address the nation’s immigration challenges. Yet we have seen little engagement and no actual legislation from Congress. It matters not to me as a judge whether Congress embraces or disapproves of the administration’s actions, but it is time for a feckless Congress to come to the table and grapple with these issues.”

The Democrat-led House of Representatives will do nothing but try to remove the President that was voted in. Trump has twice tried to talk to Congress about the Dreamers, nothing from Dems, other than them calling Trump names!

Our federal court system is a mess. We can’t have district courts all over the country ruling differently on issues that affect the whole country. No district court should have the power to stay an executive order. Only the Supreme court should hold that power.

Keep up the good work Pres. Trump and your judge placement are starting to correct judgments by Obama’s placements.

It is comforting to believe your next two Supreme Court Justice placements will further better our country and help us do what is right and what we can afford.

Again, good work Sir.


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