Well, America has been watching this unfold in real-time, and if we don’t see real JUSTICE being done, this will NEVER be over.

This country is broken, and whitewash, doublespeak, and excuses won’t fix it. Crimes have been committed, and we want them answered in the proper American way.

Keep in mind that the IG report is an internal report based on whether or not any intelligence employee “broke the rules.” That’s the first problem. Their “rules” are different from what we are allowed to do. They are clandestine by necessity. They have considerable latitude in their rules, so the report, like all reports before, will be based on their “rules” and whether or not their “rules” break the law in our world.

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Will the report start at the beginning or deal primarily with the FISA warrants? It needs to start at the beginning.

Somewhere between May and July of 2016, the FBI was allegedly investigating Clinton. It was called Midyear Exams. Very close to the time that both presidential nominees were named, the investigation into Clinton was closed, and roughly a week later, the FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane; the investigation into Trump.

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Considering the proximity to the nominations, was ending the Clinton investigation political? Was starting the Trump investigation political? What was the basis of the investigation? Did it involve conspiracy with not only Ukraine but other countries as well?

I do not expect a great deal from Horowitz because it’s based on FBI “rules.” We’ll see .. but I don’t wait for any real clarity until the Barr/Durham report. I’d like to see the whole mess come to a permanent ending.

Meadows was asked about a story in The Washington Post that said Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report justified the FBI’s action at the time. The New York Times, citing two unnamed sources, reported that the findings are expected to contradict some of the theories that President Trump has mentioned.

The former chairman of the House’s Freedom Caucus said that all the reports are “based on speculation on information which has been leaked.”

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“There is little doubt in my mind that it will not be one the FBI’s finest days when the report is released,” he said. “No one other than Horowitz and his team knows what’s in the report and they have left no stone unturned.”

The reports, if true, would be seen as a potential setback for Trump, who has insisted that the FBI’s investigation was a witch hunt from the beginning and a blatant attempt by Democrats to overthrow his presidency. [Fox News]

In all seriousness, I’ve been saying all along not to put too much hope in Horowitz.

Expecting Horowitz, who was employed by the corrupt Obama, to find the dirty scandals Obama is guilty of, is like expecting James Comey, the upright and faithful servant of America, to honestly investigate Hillary’s missing 30,000 e-mails.

The Swamp is very good at protecting their own and disgracing, cheating, and lying to the American voter.

Barr is right; there is no evidence the FBI ever had any evidence necessary to investigate Trump. This was all cooked up by Democrat plutocrats and has been a gigantic distraction from the business of restoring America from a century of Democrat destructive attacks on our institutions, beginning with that fraud Woodrow Wilson in 1913, with the 16th and 17th Amendments and the Federal Reserve.

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I expect to see Horowitz twisting himself in a pretzel trying to explain why, despite all the evidence, we can’t conclude that there was corruption. “We see that we have a 2, another 2, and the result is 4. But we don’t have conclusive evidence that 2+2=4.”

Now, if Barr/Durham turns up nothing, then I’ll be convinced it was kosher.


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