Sibling rivalry on steroids?!!

You know the old saying, Thanksgiving, and the holidays are times when the family can come together and live the good memories and share in special events. This story that you are about to add to your daily consumption of information is way off the map.

Moses Tony Crowe shot and killed his sister Amanda Rose Owen after she allegedly unfriended him on the social media platform, Facebook. An uncle, who was cooking in the kitchen said he “heard a pop” only to discover her brother had just attacked his niece.

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A man from Alaska has been charged with murder after officials say he allegedly shot his younger sister on Thanksgiving following her decision to unfriend or block him on Facebook.

In a statement, police said they responded to the Anchorage home around 3:14 p.m. last Thursday for a report of a shooting. When they arrived, officers found Owen, 23, with a gunshot wound to her upper body.

Owen was transported to a nearby hospital, where she later died from her injuries.

Charging documents obtained by the Anchorage Daily News said authorities received two 911 calls that day — the first from Owen’s uncle and the second from Crowe’s grandmother.

Crowe’s grandmother, who told authorities she witnessed the shooting, identified the suspect as her grandson.

She claimed in the documents that she was sitting on her bed speaking to Owen, who was sitting in a chair with her 1-year-old son in her lap, when Crowe came into the room, upset over Owen’s alleged decision to defriend or block him on Facebook. [People]

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It seems like these things are happening way too often. It was not like this ten years ago. Does it look like this generation is just weak-minded? All of these social media sites, need to be dismantled, or heavily regulated by the FCC, just like television and radio used to be.

In the last decade, how many times can murder or other violent crimes be traced back to a social media website?

A lot of people call it “conspiracy theories,” but the truth is these tech companies have invested billions of dollars into algorithms that affect the human brain. How many more have to die before Congress wakes up and puts the brakes on?

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I would not put the entire blame on Facebook because I do believe that Owen was mentally challenged. I know that terminology gets used way too much these days, but a lot of these people are touched in the head to do something this evil, especially to a loved one.

You have to feel for the grandmother who sat and watched the entire incident go down and then had to turn over her grandson to the police while losing a granddaughter.

Who do you think is at fault in this story? The social media platform Facebook or the 27-year-old Owen, who got angry because his sister removed him as a friend on the platform?


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