If Joe Biden is trying to look and feel like the most outdated, old fashioned, unhip, out-of-touch candidate he’s succeeding beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Biden already seems like an old-timey man talking about phonographs and record players and forgetting simple words and almost losing his dentures. You can’t imagine that it could get any worse…but it does.

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Biden just rolled out his new campaign bus. He’s hitting the road in Iowa on his “No Malarkey” tour. And just in case you young whippersnappers don’t know what “Malarkey” means, Biden has the definition printed on one side of the bus.

But forget the outdated old fashioned aspect for a minute, and focus on the word “Malarkey.”

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Ironically, that’s all that Biden is…an insincere fool who is covering for all his lies and quid pro quo moves that he used to support his loser drug addict son.

That’s the worst part of all of this.

Biden is such a greasy political sham.

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At any rate, when the announcement of the tour bus hit Twitter, the reactions were hilarious and pretty spot-on.

I picked out some of my favorites for you.

“They gonna hand out hard candy too?”

“Nailing that 70+ demo with this bingo bus”

“This looks like something a young ruffian might throw some eggs at, be safe out there”

“Not sure it’s a good idea to remind people of a connection between Biden and busing.”

“Narrator: There was, in fact lots of Malarky.”

“This will fail in spectacular fashion”

“Hey, those 2 dozen supporters that come out to Joe events get it.”

“It’s the beginning of the end.”

“Well at least they put the definition of ” malarkey” on the bus. You know, for anyone under 40.”

“No Malarkey?! Sounds like an old movie on Turner Classics. When you get on board does everything turn black and white. Will they allow those newfangled lady newspapermen? Will everyone be drinking moxie and dancing the Charleston?”

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