Disgraced former FBI Trump-hating official Lisa Page, the woman who had an affair with Peter Strozk, who also hates Trump, took to Twitter to play the victim and it did not go over very well.

She got shredded!

Page, who discussed the infamous “Trump insurance policy” with her unprofessional lover, Peter, tweeted out a message today advising her followers that she is now suing the FBI and the DOJ for leaking her adulterous and traitorous text messages to the press.

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Page claims that she finds “little joy” in doing suing but claims what the FBI and DOJ did was illegal.

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Gee, some would argue what SHE did was illegal and that she should be behind bars.

Many people pointed out to Lisa, who is a lawyer, that she was flirting and conspiring with her creepy married lover on a government-issues taxpayer-funded cell phone.

“ok homewrecker falsifying 302s is illegal”

“”Leaked” messages from *checks notes* official FBI-issued cellphone”

“Ok homewrecker”

“Were you not using government-issued phones?”

“Perhaps sleeping with your coworkers and running a coup was wrong.”

“Excellent. You’ll be further discredited and humiliated.”

“You’re mad about the feds illegally leaking information to the press…? Ironic.”

“Ok homewrecker”

“It was your work phone. They weren’t your messages, they were the FBI’s.”

“You are an embarrassment! What you and your colleagues put this country through is a complete disgrace. The American people and the President should file a class action lawsuit against you!”

“OMG — hoping to see you behind bars soon!! What you did to our country was WRONG!!”

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