What in the world is wrong with Joe Biden?

It’s one thing to make the occasional “gaffe” it’s quite another to be a senile old fool.

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The Joe Biden from the past is long gone. The “loveable goof” who “tells it like it is” has been replaced by a stammering, confused old man who sounds like he should be under a warm blanket – not on the campaign trail

It’s disturbing that Dems and the media are propping up this feeble-minded loser as someone who should run the United States of America. I wouldn’t trust this clown to run a lemonade stand. Would you?

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Case in point – during a speech on his cringe-worthy “No Malarkey” tour, Biden dished up a heaping helping of “Malarkey” when he told the crowd that he has spent “a lot of time” with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un.

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Uh, one problem with that statement…

Biden has never met Kim Jong-un.

Several speeches from former Vice President Joe Biden garnered criticism over the weekend, including in which he claimed to have met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Biden, 76, has never met Jong Un, but told supporters at an Iowa event over the weekend that he “spent a lot of time” with Jong Un, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

Just before that at the same event, Biden said that President Donald Trump was embracing dictators, “folks like Putin and Kim Jong Un and South Korea.”

Francis Brennan, director of strategic response for Trump’s 2020 campaign, shared one of the clips and wrote that Biden’s apparent claim that he met with Jong Un was not true.

“That is FALSE Biden and Kim Jong Un have never met,” Brennan wrote on Twitter.

Neither Biden or former President Barack Obama met with Jong Un.

Biden was speaking during the front end of his eight-day bus tour across Iowa dubbed the “No Malarkey” tour by his campaign. [Epoch Times]

You can watch the video below:

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