Let’s face it, Joe Biden looks and sounds like a man who should be under a pile of warm blankets, not running for the highest office in the land.

As Fox News chief political analyst put it, Biden seems as if he hs dementia.

He has moments where he does seem lucid, but other times he’s confused, can’t say words correctly, he appears lost behind the eyes, he’s easily agitated and aggressive.

It’s not just “gaffes” anymore. It clearly appears as if there’s something seriously wrong.

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But just like with everything else of great importance, Biden s brushing off concerns over his health as “nothing to worry about.”

As a matter of fact, Biden has come up with a perfectly good explanation for the nonstop barrage of confusion, misspeaking, stammering and deer-in-the-headlights look…He’s just tired.

Yes, that’s what he said.

He’s sleepy.

Obviously this is a “damage control” piece because things are getting really bad out there on the “No Malarkey” tour for Joe.

From calling voters “fat” to forgetting what state he’s in, to stuttering and stammering so badly I actually felt deeply sorry for the man, the situation is now “code red” and his camp will do all they can to try and stop the bleeding.

I think it’s too late.

Former vice president Joe Biden said his verbal mixups on the campaign trail are a result of “being tired,” not his childhood stutter.

“I’ll find myself searching for a second” to find the right words, Biden told Axios, but, he added, “I’ve always attributed that to being tired and not to the stutter.”

“I don’t think of myself as continuing to stutter,” Biden said. “Look, the mistakes I make are mistakes. And some people think I still stutter. I don’t think of myself that way.”

Biden also dismissed media concerns about his errors, which have included thinking the Parkland massacre happened when he was in office and not recalling the decade of the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

“[Voters] don’t think I lost a step,” he said. “There’s no evidence to suggest that. You guys love it. You guys love it. But I haven’t seen any evidence of that.”

Biden, who turned 77 last month, has consistently flubbed his wording on the debate stage and during speeches. He has written about enduring a stutter as a boy but does not see himself a stutterer now, in spite of an Atlantic article identifying the stutter as the cause of his campaign-trail speaking problems. [Free Beacon]


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