Look, I don’t like Joe Biden. I don’t agree with what he stands for and I think he’s a smarmy career politician who has used and abused his power to further himself and his bum kid — among so many other things.

I get angry when he attacks our successful America First President and I will happily point out his flaws, gaffes, screw-ups, and missteps, and I will fight tooth and nail to make sure he (or any Dem) loses in 2020.

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Now, with all of that said…there are some videos I watch of Mr. Biden and my heart just breaks…This was one of those videos.

I am a human being and willing to put politics aside and say, “please, somebody help this man.” My gosh, some family member has to be out there watching this and is willing to step forward and pull the plug on this sideshow before this man humiliates himself further or gets sicker.

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It’s only going to get worse from here…If he was to get the nomination how on earth would Biden – in this condition – be able to stand up against Trump and his supporters? He couldn’t. It’s impossible.

I truly believe Joe Biden is sick and he needs medical care not campaigning…and trust me that’s “NO MALARKEY.”

You can watch the video below and after maybe say a prayer for Joe’s family that they’ll do what’s right for this man and get him medical care and quiet family time.

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