A man identifying as “Joseph” a 67-year-old Jewish man from Boro Park Brooklyn, wrote an open letter to Rep. Jerry Nadler about his impeachment sham.

The letter begins with Joseph telling Nadler he’s been a Democrat for the past 45-years and has always had a great deal of respect for Nadler. He has even donated to his campaign.

He then goes on to express his frustration over the “hateful” impeachment of President Trump.

Joseph says that the “hateful impeachment” is the reason that he’s no longer a Democrat. “I would like you to now I’ll never vote Democrat again,” the letter goes on to say.

What’s happening here is what happened in 2016…

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We have the working class average American (the forgotten man) fighting back against these coastal globalist elites who still think, even after a failed election, that they call the shots.

Pelosi and Dem leadership have caved to the radical kooks in the party – the people who represent smug, rich white academia liberals – once again abandoning middle-class America.

The Democrat Party is completely out of touch with the average American who has been calling for unity in Congress since Obama’s disastrous and divisive eight-year reign.

And instead of working for the will of the American people, the Democrats are working for the will of the smug elites who hate everything the middle-class stands for.

That’s what this impeachment is about.

It’s about smug elites vs working-class Americans.

And this letter here showcases that fight brilliantly.

Thank you, Joseph.

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