What Democrats don’t realize is that their support and adoration for illegal aliens who are woefully breaking the law in this country has destroyed their once-strong bond with the American working class.

Illegal aliens are not  “friends” to the working class in America. They drive wages down, crowd public schools and hospitals, and bleed entitlements dry. American taxpayers are paying enough as it is – it’s absurd to expect them to pay more in order to fund a lifestyle for criminals who snuck across the border.

Americans are good, generous, and kind people. But we don’t like being taken advantage of and we support the rule of law.

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So, when a group of people comes along and they blatantly ignore the rules and then get rewarded by our elected officials for that criminal behavior it’s infuriating.

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Remember when all of the Dem primary candidates stood on the stage and raised their hands that they would provide “free” healthcare to illegal aliens?

It’s not “free,” it’s me and you who pay for it.  Nothing “free” about it. That was a poignant moment when the Democrat Party truly abandoned any last dying hope that they cared even a little bit about the middle class in America.

Now, in a direct slap to the face of Americans everywhere, we’re learning that the State of New York is offering “free” daycare to illegal aliens so they can attend workshops on how to obtain U.S. drivers licenses.


This should be shut down immediately and it is absolutely infuriating that it’s not. Why are these states allowed to behave with such disregard for the law?

This month New York will become the 13th state in the U.S. to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and officials in counties throughout the Empire State warn they are not equipped to handle the predicted onslaught. One state lawmaker is offering free care for the children of illegal aliens who attend a workshop to help them navigate the process of obtaining a license. More than half a million undocumented immigrants are expected to qualify and all they need is an expired passport, consulate identification or license from their country of citizenship.

Local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) clerks throughout New York are deeply concerned about their ability to authenticate the unfamiliar documents—written in foreign languages—acceptable under the new law to obtain a license. One county clerk in the state’s eastern region said in a local news report that his office, which services a population of about 160,000, will not issue licenses to illegal aliens and instead will let the state deal with the applicants. “They want to us to make a decision right at the window as to whether something is fraudulent or acceptable,” Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola said in the article. “I’m not going to make a major mistake.” In the state’s southern tier, Chemung County Clerk Catherine Hughes blasted lawmakers for leaving her and her colleagues to deal with the mess. “They don’t really realize the ramifications that it causes by doing something like this,” said Hughes, who serves a population of about 90,000. “There are no set of rules and regulations on how to get it done. And that puts us county clerks in a very precarious situation because we don’t know how to do it.” [Judicial Watch]

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