Teenage climate bully and doomsday activist Greta Thunberg has said she will not fly on airplanes. The 16-year-old climate cultist believes that taking boats on her transatlantic journeys cuts down on her “carbon emissions.”

Well, guess again, Greta.

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Last month when Thunberg had to get from the U.S. to Spain for the climate summit in Madrid, she took a boat.

But there was one big problem.

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Thunberg’s boat trip from the U.S. to Madrid did not reduce carbon emissions. It actually produced the same amount of emissions, if not more.

So, how did the plan backfire?

Well, the yacht skipper had to fly from the U.K. to the U.S. in order to captain the 48-foot catamaran on the nearly 4,000-mile journey from the U.S. to Portugal.

So, it would have been fewer emissions if Thunberg just traveled by plane herself.

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A British yacht skipper’s flight to the US to help Greta Thunberg sail to Portugal has produced the same amount of carbon emissions the voyage hoped to save.

Nikki Henderson, 26, flew to the US from Britain to sail 48-foot catamaran the La Vagabonde.

The vessel is carrying Miss Thunberg and her father Svante 3,000 miles to Portugal where she will go onto attend the COP 25 climate change talks in Madrid.

The journey was meant to save approximately two or three tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

But Ms Henderson’s flight from Britain to the US likely produced the same amount of emissions the journey hoped to save, countering Ms Thunberg’s mission, The Times reports.

Ms Henderson was a skipper in three ARC Trans Atlantic races. In two of them, she was the youngest competitor.

She also skippered the Caribbean 600 and has raced in three Caribbean seasons.

Ms Henderson tweeted: ‘I decided to help @Sailing_LaVaga and support Greta because she is changing the world – simply by standing up for what she believes is right and staying true to her values. [Daily Mail]

See, liberals don’t care about actual facts and truth…all they care about are feelings and emotions. The FACT that Greta did nothing to help the planet and likely made matters worse doesn’t matter to these idiotic hypocrites.

Liberals are only concerned about how Greta makes them “feel.” She’s the new leftist hero and no matter how wrong or untrue her journey is they don’t care. It’s what Greta represents that matters to the left and the feeling and emotions she whips up.

Twitter user didn’t allow Thunberg to wiggle out of her hypocritical mess. They called the young teen out for her blatant hypocrisy and the “climate change” sham:

“She sailed here in a multimillion dollar racing yacht. To do so required two adults to fly across the Atlantic, & maybe fly home. Her personal flight would have resulted in fewer emissions both ways than her boat trip one way. Fighting climate requires intelligence not symbolism”

Flights from MAD to ARN can be as little as 100€, you’ll be sharing the plane with 300 other passengers so it’s the most efficient form of travel. Ask what the 1000s of people at #COP25 are actually doing there, the Paris 2015 deal was a sham, emissions are UP since then.”

“Hey Greta, welcome to Lisbon, my hometown! I hear your heading to that meeting in Madrid where Pelosi and all her socialist friends are waiting. Say, when are you going to China, the worst poluter country in the world? Any plans?”

The children working in the mines to be able to produce batteries will be happy that you have arrived with your sailing yacht to defend their rights..#muppet”

“Not everybody has the leisure of traveling for three weeks via yacht to cross an ocean.”

“The carbon footprint for building that boat far exceeds my lifetime contribution.”

“No one is buying this act anymore except brain washed children!”

“Exactly here how much carbon emissions did it take to make an object that has a “low carbon footprint” and is not biodegradable? What a joke these climate libtards are.”

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