Rep. Al Green is no better or worse than the rest of the Democrats in Congress.

They have been acting out in anger because of Pres. Trump defeating Hillary Clinton three years ago and they cannot get over that. They have tried multiple times and failed (and probably will this time too) to remove Trump so far.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi indicated that she would not proceed with impeachment unless there was bi-partisan support for proceedings. Not one Republican has signed on to what they’re doing in Congress. That’s called “PARTISAN” not bi-partisan.

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Now Green wants to include so-called examples of Pres. Trump using rhetoric that he feels is racist in the articles of impeachment. Green knows his false allegations of racism will not be included in the Constitution’s articles for impeachment. He is merely injecting the race card in an attempt to justify his misguided views.

In his memo, Green argued Johnson’s comments provoked further violence. Green also suggested Trump’s rhetoric fueled a mass shooting that took place in El Paso, Texas, in August 2019 that is being investigated as an anti-immigrant hate crime.

“President Trump’s incitive climate of hate motivated the white supremacist who committed the El Paso massacre, where he killed some 22 persons and injured some 24 others,” Green wrote. “If the congressional Republicans of 1868 impeached President Johnson for his abusive, incitive, racist comments causing harm, why can’t the Congress of 2019 impeach President Trump for his abusive, incitive, racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, transphobic comments causing harm to society?”

Trump has previously attacked Green for his impeachment efforts in a series of tweets that suggested the congressman was engaged in a partisan effort to thwart the president’s reelection. In one of Trump’s posts, the president inaccurately quoted the congressman, and the other took Green’s words out of context.

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When asked for comment on the congressman’s memo, White House deputy press secretary Steven Groves, also accused Green of a purely partisan attack.

“This is an unsurprising sentiment coming from the congressman who wants to impeach President Trump so that he doesn’t get reelected,” Groves said of the memo. [Yahoo News]

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Four months after Pres. Trump was elected and had fired FBI Director James Comey, Green started calling for impeachment on the House floor. Since then, Green has formally introduced articles of impeachment against the President three different times, including once immediately following the resolution condemning the president for “racist comments.” Green is a lawyer and former president of the NAACP’s Houston branch.

But it was ok for Barack Obama to walk arm in arm with his fellow Black Lives Matter group, sending distinguished administrative members to the funeral of a kid that attacked a cop.

The Trump administration has made an effort to enhance the stature and well being of the African American Community while the Democrats all have just pandered for votes. When he campaigned, he asked, “what do you have to lose?” The Dems have courted them for over 50 yrs and they haven’t done much for them.

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Any liberal that supports Green and his obsession with Trump please name one thing Green has done besides this? Liberals forget they serve the people in their district and complaining about Trump doesn’t bring more jobs or higher wages for his district, It’s just an excuse for liberal failure.

Another great problem Trump presents is that the better he makes the economy the more black Americans get good-paying jobs and the more that happens the more taxes they pay and the more taxes they pay and the more businesses they own themselves the more they come to see Democrats getting in the way of their progress forward toward the American dream. That threat to the dependency Democrats count on for votes cannot be allowed to stand or it will destroy the Democrats as a viable party for generations to come.

They know their only hope at that point is bringing in millions of impoverished immigrants who will quickly fill that dependency void and they are working on that full tilt as we speak.

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