The House of Representatives, led by Democrats, once again is working on legislation that is not needed and is intended to restrict the activities of Americans.

We need the change control of the House and add to the Senate majority so we can get something done like finally resolve the DACA issue, immigration, healthcare, USMCA, and other trade treaties that will be forthcoming. Democrats in the House had proven to be worse than the GOP when Obama was in the White House.

As long as they require photo voter ID, No problem, and also, you must register in person with appropriate documents at a government office to be on the voter rolls. The only exception would be for the military serving overseas. If you are not registered to vote at YOUR voting place for your residence, you don’t get to vote!

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For the past year, the House subcommittee on elections, chaired by Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, has conducted a series of eight field hearings in states across the country, compiling evidence to support the assertion that voter suppression not only remains a problem but has increased since the Supreme Court’s 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision.


The Supreme Court ruled in Shelby that states no longer needed to seek Justice Department approval for major changes to voting procedures. The 1965 Voting Rights Act had instituted “pre-clearance” for a number of Southern states with a history of race-based voting discrimination.

But Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the 5-4 majority opinion in Shelby that pre-clearance was based on outdated criteria, and that if Congress wanted to reinstitute it, lawmakers “must identify those jurisdictions to be singled out on a basis that makes sense in light of current conditions.”

The Fudge report represented the House Democrats’ effort to capture “current conditions.”

The report said that, among the examples of voter suppression, “states have aggressively purged otherwise eligible voters from the voter registration rolls, made cuts to early voting and same-day registration, moved, closed, or consolidated polling places without adequate notice to voters, required exact name or signature match, engaged in discriminatory gerrymandering, and restricted language access and assistance.” [Yahoo News]

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The only new voting law should require mandatory voter ID, and neutral, bipartisan oversight of all vote counting. No one is being ‘suppressed’ unless you factor in the widespread, blatant suppression of conservative voices on literally every platform.

There are states in which audits have found that non-citizens have voted in our elections. It is not voter suppression to require an ID at the polls, and those against this measure show they want foreign interference in our elections.

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Folks, voter fraud, is a severe problem in the United States, and anyone who says otherwise is a liberal. In its Election Fraud Database, the Heritage Foundation compiled 1,177 noteworthy cases of voter fraud in recent years resulting in 1,019 convictions. The types of voter fraud include altering the vote count, buying votes, fraudulent absentee ballots, duplicate voting, and ineligible voting (by noncitizens or felons).

What’s remarkable is not just the brazenness of the crimes — freebies for votes, registering and voting under a pet’s name — but the fact that they were uncovered and prosecuted at all. As part of city political machines deeply embedded in the municipal power structure, a significant number of these perps (most, but not all of them, Democrats) work in the election process. These types have been covering their tracks for 50 years or longer.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Harris County, TX official Mike Sullivan testified under oath that thousands of noncitizens in the Houston area are discovered on their voting rolls every year and handed over to the District Attorney for prosecution. But when the election integrity group Public Interest Legal Foundation [PILF] requested those documents under the National Voter Registration Act, the foot-dragging started. PILF has been forced to file suit against the Harris County Voter Registrar for “concealing records in relation to non-citizens on voter rolls.”

For two years we’ve been told that Pres. Trump is lying about voter fraud, which Democrats insist, over and over and over again, practically never happens. When Trump opened the Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity to examine ways to tighten up our lax election system, he was met with nothing but resistance from the left, who weren’t going to let him anywhere near this, the Rosetta Stone of Democrat corruption.

How many of you smell a rat?


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